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Jim Harper jimharper666
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I'll do my best to make it to the Bristol showing. I've already seen Rampo Noir, but it's easily worth a second viewing, especially given that it's almost impossible to see these films on the big screen. I'm not far off completion, but the panel discussion might provide some new thoughts for my Japanese horror book.
  Looking forward to it,
  Jim Harper.

"" < at> wrote:
  Glad you're excited!
We're screening one film from each section, except the Southern Nigerian
section, of which several other films are playing in another venue. The
details are on the website. The main reason for this is screening fees - the
Nigerian films were a lot cheaper, and also, I don't think a Nigerian horror
movie has EVER played the UK before. I've seen the END OF THE WICKED
screener and its pretty wild.

The Japanese East section is only one film, the UK premier, and probable the
only screening of RAMPO NOIR, and we pretty much blew our budget on this one
section. Director Hisayasu Sato will be in attendance, and there'll be an
hour long panel discussion about J-horror, where did it come from, where is
it going and where are we now.

All the films will have the directors present and another speaker. UK critic
and horror buff Kim Newman will also be speaking. I'm pretty excited about
the prospect of gathering Hisayasu Sato, Richard Stanley and the Nigerian
witchcraft actress/scriptwriter in one place!

So its not specifically focussed on Japanese film, but I think the selection
of the four films we are screening is so eclectic, that it will raise some
very interesting questions about the genre and what function it serves in
each country.

Hopefully we'll see you there!



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> Ooo thanks for that, I think I shall be making my way to the Bristol event
> as I am planning on doing my PhD piece on Japanese horror. Do you know if
> any contemporary Japanese Horror will be covered, especially J-Horror?
> Emma Newbery BA
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> Blackpool and the Fylde College
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> > > Its such an annoyance all these things going on over the pond so
> >speak,
> > > we in England need more Japanese cinema events.
> >
> >There are plenty of Japanese film-related events in the coming months
> >on in the UK, and ones to suit every taste and interest.
> >
> >I posted a few weeks ago to the list about several of these. The
> >are
> >up already on
> >
> >Raindance Film Festival in London is going on as we speak, and while
> >of
> >the screenings have been rather poorly attended, mainly due to poor
> >coverage for the Asian section and strange scheduling times (Dear
> >for example really suffered), this weekend?s screenings of Little
> >Moon and Cherry and A Stranger of Mine were incredibly well attended
> >well-received. Stranger of Mine practically got a standing ovation.
> >
> >Probably too late you to attend this, but I will mention again the
> >independent animator Koji Yamamura will be in London to introduce his
> >on 16 October 2006 from 6.30pm, in a FREE event hosted by the Japan
> >Foundation, and is later going on to the Norwich Film Festival,
> >
> >Most importantly for me is the Compass of Horror event in Bristol on
> >November 4-5th in the Arnolfini, which I have been involved in from
> >start. The Eastern point will be screening Rampo Noir, and Alex
> >Hisayasu Sato and myself will be giving a talk about the origins and
> >history
> >of Japanese horror.
> >
> >I did post about this before, the official website is now online, so
> >and weep with joy
> >
> >These are all ones I have mentioned before.
> >The other definite is the Wild Japan Outlaws season of classic
> >cult
> >films, which features ?Twelve ultra-rare film prints. Wild Japan :
> >Masters plays at the National Film Theatre from 3rd November before
> >Filmhouse Edinburgh & GFT (Glasgow) in late November/December and
> >(Bristol)/Showroom (Sheffield)/Irish Film Institute (Dublin) in early
> >2007.?
> >
> >Actually, the program for this looks pretty interesting ? as well as
> >presenting the usual suspects such as FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION and
> >TO
> >KILL, there?s a few wildcards in the program, including JIGOKU,
> >
> >I don?t think the website is ready yet, but the url is
> >, so bookmark it for the future.
> >
> >I?ve been involved in several of these projects, and I?ll also reveal
> >I
> >have a couple of others in the hatching for 2007, the only one which I
> >really say anything about is the Japan Foundation touring program that
> >be happening next year, which will show a lot of really good recent
> >releases
> >of the type deemed ?uncommercial? (ie not horror!) by distributors.
> >
> >In other words, I think the next couple of months and beyond are
shaping up
> >pretty well for UK film fans given how logistically difficult it is to
> >prints from Japan and persuade venues that there is a good reason to
> >all this stuff. And the UK is a lot smaller than the States, so
there?s no
> >need to jump on a plane if you don?t live in places like London,
> >Edinburgh, Sheffield, etc.
> >
> >Anyway, I'd be happy to talk more about any of these events, and
> >look forward to seeing any Kinejapanners who can make any of them.
> >
> >
> >Jasper Sharp
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