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Paul Arnold paultarnold at
Wed Aug 8 00:25:59 EDT 2007

Hello, My name is Paul Arnold.  I am, among other things, an actor and stage
manager.  Right now, I'm working for a theatre in Texas, USA.  I actually
really love listening to  the Japanese language in film.  I think the
cadences of the language are so different and musical from any of the
European languages.

One of the shows I'm working on at the moment is using some Asian influence
in the designs.  I've been trying to find the Japanese calligraphy
character(s) that equates to the way an English-speaking film director might
use the word "action!"  Even the spelling of the appropriate word in the
Latin alphabet would be helpful (the Romanji spelling, I think is the term).

Thank you in advance.

Paul Arnold
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