Toshiro Mifune & WWII

Andreas Thein andreas.thein at
Wed Aug 8 05:52:26 EDT 2007

Hi all,

during a recent visit in Spain I stumbled upon a DVD-Box of Toshiro
Mifune's WWII movies from the 1960s. I have to admit that this is a
genre that I'm not very familiar with, so can anyone tell me if these
films are important for Japan's film history and/or Mifune's career
(which seems to be obvious, being the helmer of so many war movies of
that time)? Is there anything written on this particular subject (maybe
even related to the Japanese society's awareness of it's own past /role
in the war in those days)?

Any information is appreciated!


Andreas Thein
Head of Collection
Filmmuseum Duesseldorf

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