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Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow
Wed Aug 8 20:02:22 EDT 2007

Having been on the set just last week (for Matsuoka Joji's new film, 
Kanki no uta), I can confirm that "sutato" is the word used then as 
equivalent to the American "action" to actually start the scene. 
"Honban" is mainly a word to warn people that they will actually use 
film for the next take (as opposed to a test) and is said sometimes a 
minute before the camera even begins filming (it is thus not equivalent 
to "action"). There apparently are some variations amongst directors on 
whether they use "yoi sutato" or some other variation, but "sutato" is 
the primary one. "Hai, katto" or "katto" usually ends a take.

This reminds us that there is a lot of English vocabulary in the film 
world in Japan, though not all of it is used the same way.

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