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Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow at
Thu Aug 9 08:27:43 EDT 2007

Dear Alex,
> Aaron, is it allowed to send it to the list as an attachment? I think 
> doing that might give the kanji a greater chance of coming through in 
> a readable format than pasting into the body of an Email.

In general, we banned attachments a couple of years ago because we had 
a few occasions when some members were sending big picture films  
attached to mails asking, "Who is this?" There was some discussion 
about this, and it was decided that, given that this is an 
international mailing list with many members in different situations, 
some of which do not allow for fast download speeds or big volume 
mailboxes, and that there are fears about viruses, we would ban 
attachments. Ideally, people who want to refer to an image should post 
it on some website and/or include the URL to a web-based image. Alex, 
you should try to do the same if you can. If you cannot, I think it is 
OK to make an exception this time as long as it is a small-volume file.

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