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Dear all,

Many apologies to those of you who have replied to my queries about problem titles telling me that you haven't been able to read the kanji. Alas, the document is on my other computer, but when I can get hold of it, I'll resend it. Aaron, is it allowed to send it to the list as an attachment? I think doing that might give the kanji a greater chance of coming through in a readable format than pasting into the body of an Email.


Aaron Gerow <aaron.gerow at> wrote: Sorry for the hubbub over someone leaving the list.

As I have repeatedly noted before: unless you want to be subjected to 
public condemnation by sending a mail to the entire list to leave the 
list (as happened this time), I do strongly suggest you keep the 
welcome mail you got when you subscribed and follow its instructions 
when you want to leave.

If you have lost the welcome message and need to know the instructions 
on how to leave (or do other commands), you can get the information 
message as described below. It contains most of the commands.

We owners can help in situations when you cannot do it yourself (in 
those cases, send a mail to us, not the list), but we can't manage all 
requests for a change in subscription options. We do apologize if we 
missed a previous request, but ultimately it is the subscriber's 
responsibility to manage their own list status.

Aaron Gerow
KineJapan owner

Assistant Professor
Film Studies Program/East Asian Languages and Literatures
Yale University

For list commands, send "information kinejapan" to
listserver at
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