Japanese DVD Site (was Re: Japanese films focused on food)

Stefan Nutz nuzumaki
Tue Aug 14 13:14:12 EDT 2007

Be sure to check out:

www.hmv.co.jp (you can select an English version of the site at the left 
www.dvdasian.com (US seller)



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>I have found yesasia.com to be a useful resource.  It usually says whether 
>or not the film has English subtitles or whether you can get versions from 
>other countries that do.
> -Alex Bates
> On Aug 14, 2007, at 8:30 AM, Michael McCaskey wrote:
>> Thank you very much for the posting. I knew about the film Udon and have 
>> it, but I did not know about the DVD sales site you listed.
>> For one reason or another, Amazon Japan stopped noting whether films have 
>> subtitles a while ago, so I never know in advance whether a film I order 
>> will have them, and perhaps be usable later on for class.
>> Does this site have lots of new Japanese DVDs? And have you found it 
>> reliable and dependable?
>> I've been thinking about using a reliable second source for Region 2 DVDs 
>> from Japan, and I'd be grateful to find out more about this one 
>> (apologies if everyone else in the world already knows about it).
>> Many Thanks,
>> Michael McCaskey
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>> Subject: Japanese films focused on food
>>> This is in response to Matthew Bernstein's query about Japanese
>>> films related
>>> to food. I would suggest director Katsuyuki Motohiro's
>>> "Udon"(2006). Our
>>> university recently acquired this film. I screened it and found it
>>> charming in
>>> a mild, "Tampopo-lite" sort of way. I've included a plot summary
>>> from the
>>> website below.
>>> http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=PCBC-51094
>>> Yusuke Santamaria and Manami Konishi star in this amazing film
>>> about soul food
>>> from the minds of the "Bayside Shakedown" team! Kosuke comes to
>>> hate small
>>> town life and moves to New York after a fight with his father.
>>> However, he
>>> meets frustration after frustration, and on the verge of ruin from
>>> loans
>>> decides to return back to his small town. But when he returns, he
>>> finds
>>> nothing has changed, his sister still worries about him, his
>>> father is still
>>> pounding away at noodles, his friends are the same, and there's
>>> still a bowl
>>> of udon waiting for him when he gets home. But once Kosuke learns
>>> to love
>>> udon, he finds a will and a way of his own! Standard edition
>>> includes bonus
>>> disc (details subject to change).
>>> Mindy Varner
>>> mvarner at lamar.colostate.edu
>>> Colorado State University
>>> Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
>>> Colorado State University
>>> Box 1774
>>> Fort Collins, CO 80523
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