Film Art

Hideaki Fujiki hfuji
Wed Aug 15 09:57:27 EDT 2007

Dear KineJapaners who have opportunities to teach films in Japanese,

I am pleased to announce that a Japanese translation of Bordwell &
Thompson's Film Art: An Introduction is going to be published by Nagoya
University Press at the end of this month ( On the
behalf of co-translators, I am grateful to some people on this list for
their encouragement and support. This is a translation of the 7th edition
rather than the 8th edition, and some frames of colored films appear to be
black and white because we had to make the price lower due to the much
smaller market than that in English-spoken countries. (David and Kristin
have patiently agreed with us at these points.) Still, I hope it is useful,
and it would be great to see the textbook widely used in classes and by
extension to encourage scholars and students inside and outside Japan to
have more interactive discussions on films.

Thank you.
Hideaki Fujiki

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