Oshima and Floating Clouds

Roger Macy macyroger
Sat Aug 25 20:03:03 EDT 2007

There's a remark by Audie Bock in her piece on Naruse for 'FC', journal of National Museum of Modern Art Film Center, Tokyo, no.55, 1979, that  "Small wonder that for Oshima Nagisa who made Ai no koriida (1976) and Ai no borei (1978), both about obsession with passionate love, Ukigomo is a very important film." (page 14 of the manuscript, but there's no reference).
I can think of all sorts of reasons, besides passionate love, why Oshima would be drawn to this film but I can't find anything else quoted in the western language literature.  I wonder whether it relates to unused material from her interview with Oshima in 1977 for her 'Japanese Film Directors', or even to the reference by Tadao Sato to the film being, at the time (1955), 'criticised by progressive critics as being "retrogressive" ' ('Currents', apendix1).
If anyone could point me gently towards the right Japanese literature to translate, I'd be very grateful.
Roger Macy
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