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Alexander Jacoby a_p_jacoby
Tue Aug 7 12:54:07 EDT 2007

Dear All,
  This is a question aimed at those of you who either a) are Japanese or b) are not, but are fluent in reading kanji.
  I am currently at the editing stage of my forthcoming book, which includes filmographies for famous and not so famous Japanese directors. I've worked on the translations and transliterations of the titles with the help of many sources and people, but there are some, mostly from older movies, which remain obstinately problematic. A contact in Japan had promised to verify these remaining titles, but he is very busy, and I thought that if I sent out a request for help here I could hopefully reduce his workload. So I am pasting the obstinate titles here.
  I obviously don't expect anyone to make a huge effort in searching for titles on my behalf, but it may be that there are some where someone on this list simply happens to know the correct reading or translation; if so, I'd be very very grateful to know it in turn! Anyone who can help with any title I list could Email me offlist with feedback.
  ABE Yutaka:
  ?????? : Joseiyo ?C Is this the correct reading? Is "A Woman's Reputation" an OK translation?
  FUTAGAWA Buntaro
  ?????????? : How do I read the place name?
   ?????????????????|: Is this "kishitsu" or "katagi"
   ???????????\ : Can anyone suggest a good translation for this?
????????? : What is the correct reading and meaning of this?
  GOSHO Heinosuke
  Did he make Nanto no haru (1925) and Tokyo koshinkyoku (1927) at all? Some sources credit Nanto no haru to Shimazu.
  INAGAKI Hiroshi
  KineJun gives a film called Otena no [SOMETHING] in 1956 which I can't read. This isn't in other sources anyway. Is it a real film, did he make it, and how is it read and translated?
  ?K???? ??: This is a Man'ei film! How to read it? Is it in Chinese?
  Did he really make films called Shiranui, Ma no ike and Konjiki yasha in 1923? These are not listed in KineJun but are on the JMDB. Also, JMDB gives a film called Ashi in 1924.
  KOTANI Henri
  ???g???????k?g?r : Should this be listed in my filmography? Or is it only as cinematographer?
  Also, is his 1924 film Kurohoshi or Kuroboshi, and what is the best translation for Meguru himitsu?
  KUMAGAI Hisatora: 
  Some sources give a 1933 film as "Seishun no koro". Others say "Seishun no uta". Which is correct?
  ???????????y In JMDB this is one film, but seems to be two in KineJun. Which is right?
   ?????????????????????????? : Same question for this - is it one film or two?
  MAKINO Junior
  ???A Dokka, Dokuka, or Dokubana?
  ?????????L?? : Does this have a translation?
   ?????p : How to translate this?
   MAKINO Senior
  ???? : What does "Kyubi" mean in "????????" 
   ?R?? : Is this the name of a place or of a god?
   ???????? : How to translate this? Does it mean "A ship from Owari Province"? Or is "Kunimaru" a person from Owari?
   ???????? : How do I read this. Happyakuya? Yaohachi?
   ?F???? : Is this Kiritaro?
   ?????????????????? : Is Wakatake a name?
    ?????????? : What is the meaning of Kaiketsu here?
  Are Koi o tatsu ono (1924), A tokumukan Kanto (1925) and Iyamaoki no kaisen (1929) really by Mizoguchi? If so, would there be a good translation?
  MURATA Minoru
  ???????????_ : Is this read Natsukashii no sato?
  Is Murata's 1932 film Senkyuhyakusanjuninen no onna? Or Senkyuhakysanjuninen no haha? Sources differ.
  ?????????Q?L  : JMDB gives this, but Kinejun gives Tsukinode no seppun. Which is correct?
  ???h????????  : Is this Towa or Eien?
  NOMURA Hotei
  ?g?h????????????????  : Gan no mure or Kari no mure?
   SAITO Koichi
  He made a film called Hana Shinju in 1973. Is this a famous kabuki story? Is Hana "flower", or the name of a woman?
  SAITO Torajiro
  ?????????? : Kono or Kawano?
  ?????r?? : Satsujin or Tate?
  ?????? : Action Crazy or Movie Crazy?
????? : Iwao-san or Gen-san?
  ?????????`???? : What does Ajapa mean?
  ???????????L???????????????????| : What does "Sanshita" mean?
  SHIMA Koji
  He made a film called ??????????. What is the best translation for Tenraku?  
  ?I???? Shojoho or Shojodakara?
  SHIMAZU Yasujiro
  ?????? : I think this is Ai no kusabi, but another source gives Ai no chigiri.
  ???????| : Kishitsu or katagi?
  ?]?????????? : Ho or hoho?
  SUZUKI Shigeyoshi
  ???? : Rajo or Hadaka onna?
  ?????????? : What does this mean?
  Suzuki's filmography in KineJun has a number of films between 1939 and 1942 made for Man'ei, that I simply can't read. I can't copy them into this mail either. Could anyone verify readings of these for me?
  ?????????? : Yahataya, or Yawataya or Hachimanya?
  TASAKA Tomotaka
  An early (1926) film is listed as Shi no houko in some sources and Koi no houko in others. Which is right?
  Can anyone suggest a translation for the 1939 Chushi sanken?
  USHIHARA Kiyohiko
  ???????? : What does Gogo mean? Is it a name or a number?
  ?????\???? : How do I read this and what does it mean?
  ?????????c?? : This is JMDB reading; KineJun gives Otoko no namida. Which is correct?
  Did Watanabe make a film called Obozu tengu in 1958?
  ?????????? : JMDB has Tosama but other sources Tosan.
  ???????s?? : Shimai or kyodai no yakusoku?
  Is there a good translation for his 1981 film Ashiitachi no machi?
  ?????h?? : Can anyone translate this? 

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