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(self-promotion included). Apologies for cross-posting.

Hi all-

I thought some members of the list might be 
interested in the following special issue of the 
journal _Perspectives: Studies in Translatology_, 
vol. 14:4 (2006). It just came out a month ago. 
Here's the lineup:

Special Issue on Anime, Manga and Video Games (guest edited by Minako O'Hagan)

Minako O'Hagan: "Manga, Anime and Video Games: 
Gloablizing Japanese Cultural Production"

Heike Jüngst: "Manga in Germany - From Translation to Simulacrum"

Luis Pérez González: "Fansubbing Anime: Insights 
into the 'Butterfly Effect' of Globalisation on 
Audiovisual Translation"

Yours truly: "Indexing the Past: Visual Language 
and Translatability in Kon Satoshi's _Millennium 
Actress_" (an extended version of the talk I gave 

Peter Howell: "Character Voice in Anime Subtitles"

Carmen Mangiron Hevia: "Video Games Localisation: 
Posing New Challenges to the Translator"

Ordering information:

I have also attached a flyer with more 
information about the journal and the issue.

Melek Ortabasi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Comparative Literature
Hamilton College
Clinton, NY

**Visiting Researcher at The University of Tokyo, 2006-2007**
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