What happened to... (Plus A New Question)

Stefan Nutz nuzumaki
Fri Aug 10 12:12:02 EDT 2007

Michael and Jasper,

Thanks for replies!

And regarding this TV-series, did you mean: DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH?
Actually, i have never seen it but it was shown around that time and the 
characters dealt with that kinds of problems. If i am not wrong, it was a 
Canadian show.


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Dear Stefan,

You can buy a DVD of 03+ from Amazon.jp, right now, if you?d like.

&#12471;&#12519;&#12540;&#12488;&#12512;&#12540;&#12499;&#12540; "03+"


There?s also the book Mizu no onna, a novel I think, also by Sugimori, on 
which he based the film.
&#27700;&#12398;&#22899; (&#25991;&#24235;)
&#26441;&#26862; &#31168;&#21063; (&#33879;)
? &#25991;&#24235;: 217&#12506;&#12540;&#12472;
? &#20986;&#29256;&#31038;: 
? ISBN-10: 4840106290
? ISBN-13: 978-4840106290
It?s listed on Amazon.jp at:


In reality, though, they don?t have any new copies at Amazon.jp, but you can 
get a good ?collector?s copy? from the Amazon Japan Marketplace bookstore 
URL below (I don?t know whether they will ship overseas or not, though).


I hope this has been of some help. I looked around, and it seems as if there?s 
a lot of information about Mizu no onna ? but I did not see very much more 
recent information.

A Question in Return?

Recently, while watching the live action version of Gokusen I, with Nakama 
Yukie, I recalled a 1990s TV series in Germany about a teacher with a class 
of teen-age ?problem students? who were always getting in trouble outside 
the school, often with the police. In almost every show, she would leave the 
classroom, track a problem student down, solve the problem, and get them 
back to school. Sort of like a teacher cum social worker. As I recall, the 
lead actress seemed very street-wise, like the lead in Gokusen.

I saw the series on TV in Stuttgart ca. 1993, I think. Does anyone recall 
the name of this German series, or of the actress who played the teacher, so 
I can try to track it down? (I?d like to compare it briefly with the live 
action dorama version of Gokusen--if I can somehow track down a reference, 
some photos, or even a DVD (???) of part of that German series. I had 
forgotten all about it until I saw Gokusen, but I recall that when I first 
saw the German series, it seemed quite ?Japanese? to me, in terms of the way 
the teacher went out and helped students in their lives outside school.

Many thanks in advance if anyone can provide information on this.

Michael McCaskey
Georgetown Univ.

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Subject: What happened to...

> After going through my DVD-collection today, i stumbled over MIZU
> NO ONNA (Woman of Water) by Sugimori Hidenori and i could remember
> how i enjoyed this film. Then i did a little web-research but
> wasn't able to track down any information on Sugimori. At least i
> found out he did a short called "03+", which was screend at the
> Cineasia-Festival in Cologne. If i am right, which isn't -
> unfortunately - not always the case, Sugimori was a TV-commercial
> director. I thought Woman of Water, at least from a visual point
> of view, was really good.
> If anybody knows more about Sugimori... please delight me!
> best regards,
> Stefan

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