What happened to... (Plus A New Question) Plus New Dorama

Michael McCaskey mccaskem
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Dear Stefan,

It's possible--but it had a German soundtrack and no subtitles, and unless they changed the title to a German one, I don't think it's likely to have been the Canadian one. Also, some of the student problems seemed rather more gritty and "realistic" than a commercial American audience might be used to--though I'm not sure re Canadians. Most of the German "dorama" series I watch here on DVD, like Wilsberg, SK Kolsch, etc., all seem to be made by regional state TV systems--so could it be that some don't ever get shown nationally?

I like to try to find new parallels between Japanese films and Continental European ones, but it may be that sometimes I try too hard, so if I don't track down that German show all will still be okay.

By the way, I just got a very recent Japanese dorama on DVD called "Manhattan Diaries"--3 disks--it's very good to use to illustrate popular perceptions of the US by younger Japanese people, and very well done technically. Though it may also partly be schlock--maybe like some of the other TV series I enjoy, I'm afraid.

With Best Wishes,


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> Michael and Jasper,
> Thanks for replies!
> And regarding this TV-series, did you mean: DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH?
> Actually, i have never seen it but it was shown around that time 
> and the 
> characters dealt with that kinds of problems. If i am not wrong, 
> it was a 
> Canadian show.
> best,
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> Dear Stefan,
> You can buy a DVD of 03+ from Amazon.jp, right now, if you?d like.
> &#22338;&#26412;&#30495;&#32190; 
> &#12471;&#12519;&#12540;&#12488;&#12512;&#12540;&#12499;&#12540; "03+"
> http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000B1L0L/phonondrive-
> 22/ref=nosim
> There?s also the book Mizu no onna, a novel I think, also by 
> Sugimori, on 
> which he based the film.
> &#27700;&#12398;&#22899; (&#25991;&#24235;)
> &#26441;&#26862; &#31168;&#21063; (&#33879;)
> ? &#25991;&#24235;: 217&#12506;&#12540;&#12472;
> ? &#20986;&#29256;&#31038;: 
> &#12513;&#12487;&#12451;&#12450;&#12501;&#12449;&#12463;&#12488;&#12522;&#12540; 
> (2002/09)
> ? ISBN-10: 4840106290
> ? ISBN-13: 978-4840106290
> It?s listed on Amazon.jp at:
> http://www.amazon.co.jp/%E6%B0%B4%E3%81%AE%E5%A5%B3-
> %E6%9D%89%E6%A3%AE-%E7%A7%80%E5%89%87/dp/4840106290/ref=sr_1_2/249-
> 0921952-6866762?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1186757362&sr=8-2
> In reality, though, they don?t have any new copies at Amazon.jp, 
> but you can 
> get a good ?collector?s copy? from the Amazon Japan Marketplace 
> bookstore 
> URL below (I don?t know whether they will ship overseas or not, 
> though).
> http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/offer-
> listing/4840106290/sr=/qid=/ref=olp_pg_collectible/249-0921952-
> 6866762?ie=UTF8&coliid=&startIndex=0&qid=&sr=&seller=&colid=&condition=collectible
> I hope this has been of some help. I looked around, and it seems 
> as if there?s 
> a lot of information about Mizu no onna ? but I did not see very 
> much more 
> recent information.
> A Question in Return?
> Recently, while watching the live action version of Gokusen I, 
> with Nakama 
> Yukie, I recalled a 1990s TV series in Germany about a teacher 
> with a class 
> of teen-age ?problem students? who were always getting in trouble 
> outside 
> the school, often with the police. In almost every show, she would 
> leave the 
> classroom, track a problem student down, solve the problem, and 
> get them 
> back to school. Sort of like a teacher cum social worker. As I 
> recall, the 
> lead actress seemed very street-wise, like the lead in Gokusen.
> I saw the series on TV in Stuttgart ca. 1993, I think. Does anyone 
> recall 
> the name of this German series, or of the actress who played the 
> teacher, so 
> I can try to track it down? (I?d like to compare it briefly with 
> the live 
> action dorama version of Gokusen--if I can somehow track down a 
> reference, 
> some photos, or even a DVD (???) of part of that German series. I 
> had 
> forgotten all about it until I saw Gokusen, but I recall that when 
> I first 
> saw the German series, it seemed quite ?Japanese? to me, in terms 
> of the way 
> the teacher went out and helped students in their lives outside 
> school.
> Many thanks in advance if anyone can provide information on this.
> Michael McCaskey
> Georgetown Univ.
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> From: Stefan Nutz <nuzumaki at gmx.net>
> Date: Friday, August 10, 2007 8:41 am
> Subject: What happened to...
> > After going through my DVD-collection today, i stumbled over MIZU
> > NO ONNA (Woman of Water) by Sugimori Hidenori and i could remember
> > how i enjoyed this film. Then i did a little web-research but
> > wasn't able to track down any information on Sugimori. At least i
> > found out he did a short called "03+", which was screend at the
> > Cineasia-Festival in Cologne. If i am right, which isn't -
> > unfortunately - not always the case, Sugimori was a TV-commercial
> > director. I thought Woman of Water, at least from a visual point
> > of view, was really good.
> > If anybody knows more about Sugimori... please delight me!
> >
> > best regards,
> >
> > Stefan
> > 

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