Matsumoto, Iroiro

Mark Nornes amnornes
Wed Feb 7 17:18:50 EST 2007

I wanted to give a heads up to people in the midwest. I am helping  
the Ann Arbor Film Festival bring in two important guests for the  
festival this March. On March 21----should everything go as  
planned-----Matsumoto Toshio will present Funeral Parade of Roses and  
program of selected shorts. Jonathan Hall will be coming from UC  
Irvine to help moderate and introduce the proceedings.

One other thing. For those who can't come, I noticed that the  
following site ( has ripped  
Matsumoto off. If you've never seen his shorts, here's a selection in  
streaming video----along with Aaron's interview from Doc Box. The  
quality sucks (the video, not Aaron's excellent interview), so what  
you should really do is buy the fantastic box set that Uplink put out.


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