Current State of Graduate Film Programs in Japan

Ken Shima kenmasaki at
Sat Jun 9 22:06:18 EDT 2007

Hello, I am writing in seeking some information about the academic  
world of film studies in Japan. I am currently a researcher at a  
Japanese university and am looking to apply for a graduate program in  
film studies, however I have knowledge of only a few programs, mostly  
in art departments or art schools.  I am wondering what is the state  
of the Japanese academy for someone interested in Japanese film. I am  
looking for recommendations, criticisms, and descriptions of any  
schools/departments that would be applicable for someone looking to  
do film studies, visual theory, criticism, and media studies.  
Therefore a dedicated film studies program is not a must as I am  
looking for some information about the field as a whole as well.  
Specifics are appreciated. Since this question does not necessarily  
concern the whole list please feel free to write back off-list. Thank  
you as always, Ken

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