Idiomatic meaning of "uwasa no"?

Michael Kerpan mekerpan at
Mon Jun 25 09:30:25 EDT 2007

There are a number of films, that use "uwasa no" in their titles -- including Mizoghi's "Uwasa no onna" and Naruse's "Uwasa no musume".  In both cases, the standard translation for "uwasa no" is the clunky "of the rumor".  My guess is that "uwasa" in this case is better translated as "gossip"  and "uwasa no" as something like "gossiped about". I note that the translation for Yamada's "Otoko wa tsurai yo: Uwasa no torajiro" is "Talk of the Town Tora-san" -- which w2ould seem to support my theory. ;~}

Does any one here know of accurate, but more colloquial ways to render "uwasa no" in English?


Michael Kerpan

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