kanji crib-sheet?

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Thanks, Justin.
My sensei (= my daughter) also corrected that - I shouldn't have lengthened that 'o'.
The contact details for 'On the Road: A Document' in the DocFest Catalogue is just the Japan Foundation.
At Sheffield, there was also a showing of Fujiwara toshi's film on Tsuchimoto, 'Eigawa ikimonono kirokude aru: Tsuchimoto noriakino shigoto'.  This included Tsuchimoto's reflections on the making of his films, including the context of the two 'safety' films cited here, and it greatly enhanced my reading of Tsuchimoto's films.
The contact details for sales of Fujiwara's film are VISUALTRAX at HOME.NE.JP    They might know ways to get hold of Tsuchimoto's films.


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> Just a detail, but I think it's "ある機関助士."
> It is at least possible (tho expensive) to get a video copy
> this one through Iwanami Eizo.
> Has anyone heard of copies of "Document: on the Road"
> available anywhere? It's a very interesting film.
> Good question about translating "rojo-" ... I will not muddy
> the waters on that one.
> Justin
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>>   Could anyone recommend a good site for looking up
>>   the kanji for film directors, etc. for a beginner to
>>   interrogate JMDb?  I've found Wikipedia (English)
>>   pretty good, provided it's in there.  But I got
>>   grounded on Tsuchimoto noriaki, although I
>>   eventually got it - 土本典昭.  I can't see him
>>   in Wikipedia 日本語, either, but, in any case,
>>   Wikipedia 日本語 doesn't consistently refer back
>>   to the romaji - e.g. you can find 'Kurosawa akira'
>>   directly but 'Kawabata yasunari' only with the
>>   kanji.
>>   Incidentally, does JMDb cover shorts/ mediums?   I
>>   can't see Tsuchimoto's superb early films, shown
>>   last week in Sheffield :- 
>>   'An Engineer's Assistant' 'Aru kikanjōshi' (That's
>>   my lengthened 'o'), 1963  [ある機関上司 ?]
>>   or 'Document: On the Road', 
>>   「ドキュメント路上」, 1964.
>>   And does rojō [路上] translate better as 'road
>>   skills', or 'street cred.' ?
>>   Roger Macy
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