AW: PM Yoshida's "sports, screen and sex"

Roland Domenig roland.domenig
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The so-called "3S policy" was less advocated by the Yoshida government than by the American occupation authorities - together with the so-called "5D-policy" (Democratication, Disarmament, Demilitarization, Decentralization, Disindustrialization) and the "3R policy" (revenge, reform, revive). 
In the early 1950s, when the seiten eiga boom rocked the Japanese film industry, the term "3S eiga" was used in different ways: on the one hand it stood for "sentimental, sex and science", alluding to the content of the films, on the other hand it stood for "Sukunai keihi de, sokusei de, sugoi m?ke" (low budgets, instantly produced, enormous profits) hinting at the production context. 


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Dear all,

While browsing through the informative Abe Sada wikipage, i found a mention
about PM Yoshida Shigeru's "sports, screen and sex" policy:
'... Wishing to divert public attention from politics, and criticism of the
occupying authorities, the Yoshida government openly encouraged a "3-S" policy--
"sports, screen and sex"

As it features words 'screen & sex', i was wondering whether this policy had an
effect on the rise of erotic-themed movies production? By the way, when was this
policy applied  (1949 ..54?), did it interfere with the occupying authorities
own policy (in something similar as the jidai-geki ban)?

I doubt it proved to be of any significant importance movie-wise .. but maybe
some interesting historical facts can emerge?



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