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Wed Jun 4 11:09:11 EDT 2008

Good morning,

I'm wondering if anyone has ever read any good histories or sketches  
of the genre of the taidan. I'm sure many of you have your favorite  
taidan "highlights and lowlifes," as I do. And I read a piece a while  
back about Etô Jun and Ôe Kenzaburô as taidan pioneers, in the sense  
of weighing in, as artistes, on public events and current affairs,  
especially vis-a-vis cultural nationalism and what postwar literature  
should be or do. It would probably be too much to ask for references  
that describe the use of recording and documenting technologies (e.g.  
film and tape), their impact on print culture and the shapes it takes  
(such as taidans), but if anything of that general angle comes to  
mind, I'd be especially interested in hearing about it.

Thanks for any leads!

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