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Dear Anne,

In case you haven?t seen it, you might be interested to read Masao Miyoshi?s
chapter, ?Conversation and Conference:  Forms of Discourse? in Off Center
(Harvard UP, 1991)  He writes about the increasing replacement of written
discourse by spoken words in Japanese intellectual life.

Davinder Bhowmik

On 6/4/08 8:09 AM, "Anne McKnight" <annekmcknight at gmail.com> wrote:

> Good morning,
> I'm wondering if anyone has ever read any good histories or sketches of the
> genre of the taidan. I'm sure many of you have your favorite taidan
> "highlights and lowlifes," as I do. And I read a piece a while back about Et?
> Jun and ?e Kenzabur? as taidan pioneers, in the sense of weighing in, as
> artistes, on public events and current affairs, especially vis-a-vis cultural
> nationalism and what postwar literature should be or do. It would probably be
> too much to ask for references that describe the use of recording and
> documenting technologies (e.g. film and tape), their impact on print culture
> and the shapes it takes (such as taidans), but if anything of that general
> angle comes to mind, I'd be especially interested in hearing about it.
> Thanks for any leads!
> Anne

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