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This information about university and independent film schools/programs is very valuable, and the listings of people teaching at them is also especially valuable and useful. I have the general impression that this kind of information may not always or even often be included in online biographies of film directors, critics, historians, et al.

At times I've seen such online biographies, which simply focus on film titles, leaving me wondering what people do/have done in between.

In the case of Yanagimachi, for instance, the readily available information online shows a 10-year hiatus between his 1995 Tabisuru Pao-jiang-hu and 2005 Who's Camus, without mentioning that he was teaching at Waseda and doing other things during that time. The Waseda information also helps in understanding Who's Camus, and its possible autobiographical elements.

I found little more than filmographies online:

Even though I know he was teaching at Waseda, I still don't know exactly what sort of film program Waseda has, and who else may be on the film faculty there, or even whether Yanagimachi is still teaching there now.

It would be great to have more postings like those by Profs. Hall and Gerow, letting us know what film makers in Japan do when they're not making films.


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> The number of four-year universities with filmmaking programs has  
> been increasing with prominent ones including:
> Nihon University (Geijutsu Gakubu)
> Ritsumeikan University (Eizo Gakubu):
> Rikkyo University (Gendai Shinri Gakubu): 
> index.php
> An odd place to put filmmaking, but Shinozaki Makoto and Manda  
> Kunitoshi are professors here.
> Many of the arts universities around the country have filmmaking  
> programs:
> Tokyo University of the Arts
> Has the only masters program in filmmaking at a national 
> university.  
> The professors there are Kurosawa Kiyoshi and Kitano Takeshi: 
> http:// 
> Osakai Geijutsu Daigaku:
> eizo/index.html
> This has produced recent filmmakers like Yamashita Nobuhiro, 
> Kumakiri  
> Kazuyoshi, and Hashiguchi Ryosuke.
> Tama Bijutsu Daigaku
> Especially strong in experimental film with instructors like 
> Hagiwara  
> Sakumi, Hoshino Akira, etc.
> Musashino Bijutsu Daigaku
> Also strong in experimental film with teachers like Kurosawa 
> Keita, etc.
> Then there are a number of private film academies, two of which 
> are  
> worth noting:
> The Film School of Tokyo:
> Instructors there include Aoyama Shinji, Shiota Akihiko, Zeze  
> Takahisa, etc.
> Image Forum Eizo Kenkyujo:
> Focuses on experimental film.
> Again, there are many more, but that should be a start.
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