Tokyo Foreign Press Club Event: Video Activism, the Counter-Globalization Movement, and the G8 Toyako Summit

Jonathan M. Hall jmhall
Fri Jun 20 07:41:12 EDT 2008

Dear All,

Mark Robert's email is a welcome reminder of the event tomorrow at  
the Foreign Press Club.  It's a busy day, indeed, in Tokyo-town.   
There is the annual Asia Studies Conference happening at Rikkyo, a  
conference on Digital Youth at Temple, and the earlier-posted Women's  
Action Film Symposium at Meiji Gakuin Univ.

For the Foreign Press Club Event, we were able to book a room with  
plenty of seats, so there will be room for anyone who would like to  
come but wasn't able to rsvp.  Please tell the Reception Desk you're  
going to the Anti-G8 Video Activism Screening.  But please let me  
thank all those who did RSVP.  Without those rsvps, we would have  
been in a small room--and possibly without interpreter.  The event is  
bilingual--and fully interpreted.

I've posted the information again below, including access information

Looking forward to seeing you,

On Saturday June 21, the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan  
(Tokyo) will  host a film screening of Zanny Begg and Oliver  
Ressler's film anti-G8 film, What Would it Mean to Win?.  (A  
description of the film can be found below.)  This screening event is  
in anticipation of the upcoming G8 summit to be held at Lake Toya in  
Hokkaido.  Following the main screening, Karen Severns will be  
moderating a discussion between media activist Tsuchiya Yutaka,  film  
critic and activist Hirasawa Go and myself on recent video activism  
in Japan.  The discussion will include clips of recent  anti- 
neoliberal activism in Japan and a discussion of how alternative  
media are responding both locally and globally to this year's  
Hokkaido Summit.

Event Details:

The FCC is located here:

Thanks for the organization of this event go to Koichi Mori and Karen  

Jonathan M Hall

(apologies for cross-posting)


Special Film Screening:

Time: Saturday Jun 21 17:00 - 19:00
Location: Foreign Correspondents' Press Club, Yuraku-cho, Tokyo

Screening + Panel Discussion:
SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 2008. 17:00 H. 20th Floor

SPECIAL FILM SCREENING followed by a discussion, video clips of  
activism in Japan, and Q&A with media activists Yutaka Tsuchiya and  
Go Hirasawa, and Japanese film specialist Jonathan M. Hall.

WHAT WOULD IT MEAN TO WIN? Austria, Australia. 2008. 40 min.
Zanny Begg and Oliver Ressler, directors

In English and German with English subtitles.

What Would It Mean To Win? was filmed on the blockades at the G8  
summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, in June 2007. Focusing on the  
current state of the counter-globalization movement, it combines  
documentary footage, interviews, and animation sequences, and is  
structured around three questions pertinent to the movement: Who are  
we? What is our power? What would it mean to win?  Almost 10 years  
after Seattle became the birthplace for the "movement of movements,"  
the protests in Heiligendamm seemed to reassert the confidence,  
inventiveness and creativity of the counter-globalization movement.  
This film aims to move beyond the question of whether we are  
"winning" or not by addressing what would it actually mean to win.
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