Jim Harper jimharper666
Mon Jun 30 08:56:56 EDT 2008

I agree, most definitely. There are familiar elements, but Tsukamoto puts his own spin on it. Compared to other attempts by independent, distictive directors to craft mainstream films (Alien Resurrection springs to mind, since Tsukamoto has expressed an interest in that series)?, Nightmare Detective is undoubtedly superior. I'd also say it's the best Japanese horror films of the past few years, and I really can't wait for the sequel. I certainly wouldn't have expected Tsukamoto to helm a mainstream horror franchise- it's good to see he retains his capacity to surprise.


-> PS
> There was an earlier posting re Tsukamoto's "Nightmare
Detective," and it is available in US DVD form, 2008, ISBN 1-594-45000-5.
It's really pretty good, in my opinion, though many plot elements are
familiar ones. You may well have reviewed it already.
> Tsukamoto has finished the sequel, and that should be released soon, if
not already.
> http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/11480

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