This Friday in Los Angeles: Naotaka HIRO + Jonathan M HALL: The Flickering Body: Japanese Experimental Works

Jonathan M. Hall jmhall
Thu Jun 5 16:16:13 EDT 2008

This Friday JUNE 6 @ 7pm

The Box
977 Chung King Rd.
LA, CA 90012

Above: Itoh Takashi, Spacy, 1981

Above: Matsumoto Toshio, Shiki soku ze ku 1975

Above: Iimura Takahiko, In the River, 1969-70

The Flickering Body: Japanese Experimental Works

Naotaka Hiro's recent work suggests that the body is both accumulated  
and dissected through a temporal engagement with the unknown as much  
as through more obvious corporeal and spatial processes of accretion  
and excretion.
It also suggests a longer conversation among Japanese and other
experimental filmmakers on the theme of the body's relation to
projection. For Hiro and others, the body is both an agent and a
recipient of film's flickering, withering projection and it is this
powerful ambivalence that draws the spectator into communication.

Drawing connections to and differences from Hiro's current exhibition
work, Japanese experimental film specialist Jonathan M Hall presents a
lecture with short film clips from filmmakers Matsumoto Toshio, Itoh
Takashi, Iimura Takahiko, and others. Screenings include clips from
Iimura's pulsating In the River (1969-70), Matsumoto's Shiki soku ze
ku (1975), Itoh Takashi's Illumination Ghost series, and others.

Jonathan M. Hall is an Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature  
and Film & Media Studies at UC Irvine. His specialties are Japan  
Studies, Cinema Studies, and Psychoanalytic Criticism. He currently  
lives and works in the Los Angeles area and Tokyo, Japan.

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"The Flickering Body" will be a Lecture and Screening by Jonathan M.  
Naotaka Hiro invited Jonathan M. Hall to do this event in conjunction  
with Hiro's exhibition currently on view at The Box

This event will take place on:
Friday, June 6th
The Box
977 Chung King Rd.
LA, CA 90012

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The Box
977 Chung King Rd.
LA, CA 90012
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