Movie versions of Edogawa Ranpo works

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As Roger pointed out, we write about a very handy book for this kind of research question: 

映画・テレビドラマ原作文芸データブック /
Eiga, terebi dorama gensaku bungei dēta bukku

Author:	江藤茂博, 1955- 江藤茂博. ; Shigehiro Etō
Publisher:	勉誠出版, Tōkyō : Bensei Shuppan, 2005.

I'd be shocked if Rampo wasn't in there. If he is, you'll find an excellent list of films AND television shows based on his writings. Basically what Eto does is list every adaptation he can possible dig up for an eclectic assortment of authors. And many of the shows he lists are pretty obscure. 

Where are you located? You might be able to get this by interlibrary loan. But if you can't let me know. We have it and I could copy those pages for you—although maybe not immediately. 

Eto has another book which might have even more, but it's not organized by author. So it'd probably be your second stop.  Check out the Research Guide for more.


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On Apr 20, 2010, at 10:35 PM, Patrick Boyle wrote:

> There is also an article about Rampo by Yoshikuni Igarashi, published
> in Positions:
> Yoshikuni Igarashi, “Edogawa Rampo and the Excess of Vision: An Ocular
> Critique of Modernity in 1920s Japan,” Positions 13:2 (2005) : 299-327
> - Patrick
> On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Roger Macy <macyroger at> wrote:
>> There's also an entry for Edogawa Ranpo by Cécile Sakai in Cinéma et Littérature au Japon, albeit of 1986.  Sakai is the author of Histoire de la Littérature Populaire Japonaise, for which I still know no direct equivalent in English.
>> Research Guide to Japanese Film Studies also recommends filmographies such as Eiga, terebi dorama, gensaku bungei dēta bukku, by Etō Shigehiro for having an author index, compared to Nihon Eiga gensaku jiten, which does not.
>> Roger
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>> Forgot to list Seishi Yokomizo which can prove to be an interesting person to add to your study. He was a friend of Rampo and specialized in detective stories. Some of his novel were adapted onto the big screens by ShinToho studio (Kenpei to barabara shibijin, Kenpei to yurei, the Ningyo Sashichi torimonocho serie)
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>> Objet: Movie versions of Edogawa Ranpo works
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am currently researching film adaptations of Edogawa Ranpo's works.
>> The films I know so far:
>> - Sôseiji (Gemini) by Tsukamoto Shin'ya
>> - Horrors of malformed men by Ishii Teruo
>> - Blind Beast by Masumura Yasuzô
>> - Injû/The beast in the shadows by Barbet Schroeder
>> - Caterpillar by Wakamatsu Kôji (although I haven't seen this one yet)
>> Can anyone provide me with other titles?
>> Apart from the films I have yet to find some relevant academic material
>> (in either English, German or Japanese), dealing either with specific
>> films in comparison to the source material or writings about Ranpo in
>> general.
>> Another interesting aspect would be the influence, some of his stories
>> apparently had on other works, such as the recent K-20 by Satô Shimako
>> or the anime series Meitantei Conan.
>> So, if anyone knows about articles concerning this kind of relation,
>> please share your information.
>> Any help much appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Jan-Christoph Mueller

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