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I regret that I don't know the film at all, but in many samurai films kakugo 
indicates either: 1) the speaker is telling someone to get ready to/resign oneself 
to being killed, as when Kuranosuke is about to kill Kira in Inagaki's 
Chushingura; or 2) the speaker is resigning himself to risking his life against the 
odds, or to facing certain death, These meanings of kakugo connect with 
definition 3 all the way below.


an untold [a suppressed] story

She kept the memory all to herself.$B!?(BShe $B!V(Bburied the memory quietly [locked 
the memory] in her heart.


1 $B!L?4$KMQ0U$N$"$k$3$H!M(Bpreparedness, readiness

$B!~3P8g$9$k!C(Bprepare oneself, be ready ((for)); $B!L5$;}$A$r0z$-$7$a$k!M(Bsteel [brace] 
oneself ((for, against))

I am prepared for that.$B!?(BI expected as much.

Are you ready [prepared] (for it) ?

I intend to ask him anyway, though I don't expect he will consent to it.

If you don't stop doing such unreasonable things, I know what I must do.

2 $B!L7h?4!M(Bresolution

$B!~3P8g$9$k!C(Bmake up one's mind ((to do))

I am determined [resolved] to carry it through.

3 $B!L$"$-$i$a!M(Bresignation

I have resigned myself to the situation.

Hope this may be of some small help. I really like the language you've already 
chosen, if it fits the context well.

Michael McCaskey
Georgetown Univ.

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