Self Introduction

Jordan Winter jordanwinter at
Tue Feb 23 10:43:28 EST 2010

Name: Jordan Winter

Institutional affiliation or job: Sheffield Hallam Univeristy Third Year

City and country: Sheffield, UK

Research projects or publications: I am currently writing my Dissertation on
culture and society within the films of Akira Kurosawa (I am providing deep
critical analysis of 'Stray Dog', 'Scandal' and 'Drunken Angel') during the
Allied Occupation of Japan.I actually found KineJapan through Dr Sorensen's
book 'Censorship of Japanese Films during the US Occupation of Japan' which
he notes is bustling with "five hundred scholars and film buffs."

Interests with regard to Japanese film and moving image media: Aside from
Kurosawa, Ozu and the the contemporary horror/thriller films to hit the
Western side of the world, I must admit I am a little narrowminded when it
comes to Japanese cinema, however like many I am always happy to try
something new
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