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Thank you all for your warm comments.

Just looking at those images on my laptop in the library, I can see thatHaghefilm have done a great job in copying. That’s a clearer image than Irecall from the projection copy in the BFI archives.

Those clips have a substantial fraction of all the special effects of Tsuburayain this film, at the beginning of his career. The one at the end, although nodoubt, of low visual impact compared with modern day special effects, isinteresting, as I read it, that the special effect portrays the heavenlyintervention that is in the minds of the (fictional) emperor and his men.Persuaded, in their group hysteria that Kaguya is being transported back to themoon, they fail to spot her and her lover, the woodcutter and his wife allescaping for a life on Earth in the flesh.

The contemporary Japanese reviews I have read, which were anything butflattering, fail to mention that. I feel they were more influenced than theyadmitted by the wayward but highly memorable music of Miyagi Michio, which goeswith the special effects, as the chorus concludes rousingly and repeatedly, ‘Kaguya– shōten!”.

Even more mysterious, the english-language rolling caption thatintroduces the surviving edit, commissioned by the Gaimushō for exhibitionabroad, emphasizes that non-standard conclusion of Taketori monogatari.

So, I conclude with a question: what musical films can you think of infilm history, whose music was directed by a blind musician (not just featuringblind musicians). Answers need not be confined to Japanese examples.


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Indeed a great discovery and my warmest congratulations to Roger.


As I have often said, “it’s not necessarily lost, we just have to continue the search……”.




Adrian Wood




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What a remarkable find!

Congratulations Roger!

NHK had a wonderful clip of the film:




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Great to see Roger getting credit for this - the BFI certainly wasn't aware of it before his thorough research turned it up!




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This news was announced today: 


An abridged version of the 1935 film Princess Kaguya, photographed by Tsuburaya Eiji (famed for Godzilla and Ultraman) and directed by Tanaka Yoshitsugu at JO Studio, was discovered in the UK by Roger Macy (familiar to us all at KineJapan. It is a 33 minute version of a 75 minute film which was prepared for the London Japan Society in 1936. 




It will be shown at the Tsuburaya retro at the NFAJ in September.


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