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Wed Jun 25 10:02:23 EDT 1997

I am a beginner "Butterfly Enthusiast." Have been experimenting with
hatching Black Swallowtails as I have an abundance of the caterpillars
every year on my parsley growing outside. I have the following question:

After butterfly hatches, what is the least harmful way to transport
butterfly from house to ouside?  I have read one can place their finger by
newly hatched butterfly and it will walk up your finger, then you can
transport (on finger) to outside,and place on flower to allow it's wings
to dry in sun.

Is this this only method to transport?  Have read that the newly hatched
wings are fragile and not to touch them. If you allow newly hatched
butterfly time to spread it's wings to dry and harden, may you pick them
up by their wings to transport outside?

Also, how long does it take for wings to harden, and can you "see" when
they are hardened?  Am at work 10hrs./day, consequently when I return home
and see that butterfly has hatched, I don't know if it has been recent, or
8-10 hrs. ago. and do not know if wings have hardened......don't know what
to look for.

My queries have gone unanswered from searching thru my limited supply of
books on butterflies, so I turn to the "experts."  :)

Thanking you in advance for answers received.

PEARL12 7 at aol.com

PEARL12 7 at aol.com
Evelyn A. Ford RN
San Antonio,TX

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