Was it Dichlorvos?

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 Their mode of action was to give of the Diclorovos in an enclosed
 room and kill the flies this way.
For those in the "Dichlorovos" question.  I haven't run this down for a long
time but if my memory serves me right, without dates, Shell originally
formulated the material

"2,2 -- Dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate"

Because of exposure and improper use by the general public, the sold the
rights and quit mfg.  I believe Johnson & Johnson picked it up and then sold
it again to an outfit in Florida, no name available.  I believe it is now
being mfg. by Hercon Chemical. 

Any way it was taken off of the market because many states felt it was a
cnacer exposure.  That was about two years ago in California.  It has since
been rethough and is allowed in the State.  Unfortunately, some state put
such a high tax and licensing on this type of product that a lot of mfg. are
no longer interested in doing business within those state.  There is a big
demand for the product because it is good and when used properly has very
small exposure.  Of course there is always someone who is more at risk than

You can find the strips is several configurations.  They are still handled by
some pet stores.  BioQuip Products  handles two forms of the product, one a
little more concentrated than the other.  One standard strip of the old
"Shell" format is enough to fumigate about 30-50 drawers. This is usually
good for at least 6 months of protection.


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