Whats up?

Randy Snow snow at mail2.intplsrv.net
Wed May 21 14:05:33 EDT 1997


How is it going?  We are working on a new SMTP NNTP server and should have it
ready to go soon.  Basically, we are using a database method to hold both the
addresses for email, and the NNTP information.  We have been having problems
with it sending random mail..so this is a test message also. :)

Well, how are you doing?  Things are going pretty good here.  We released a
new version of WinPack.  V1.4a.  We think this one is pretty solid.  If you
want to check it out, grab it from http://rdsretrospect.com/.  I think you
can also download wpack32d.exe from WINSITE, and SIMTEL.  1.4a supports, zip
gzip, uuencode, binhex, xxencode, mime/base64, tar, arj, lharc, unix compress,
zoo...  We have a new beta out, 1.5..to it we have added ATOB/BTOA, Freeze, and
the quake pak format. :)  We have more in the works.

Jason is doing pretty good.  He has been working and trying to learn the computer.
I don't know if he is going to make it or not. :)  He is trying at least.  Kirk
left for Gateway 2000. He seems to like it there.  That thing about them sueing
TUCOWS upset me though.  Otherwise, everything is fine.  Hey, please check out
the new version ok?  Let me know what you think, the price is still $21. :)  Oh..
if you run into any bugs, get back to me ASAP.

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