I may have changed your perspective !

J W pm.nc-1 at usa.net
Wed Nov 5 17:06:51 EST 1997

>From either of three of my perspectives,  all appeared to be in order
as straight forward plain text,  but to the lady in Tennessee,  the
first seven sections of my new page was 'hieroglyphics'.  She
questioned whether the strange 'coding' was supposed to be bird songs.

We each began to suspect that the other was playing a game,  via our
email ping-pong claims of,  'is not !' - 'is too !',  concerning the
text.  I inquired of others and,  to my chagrin,  determined that the
report had been correct.  I then changed the text-style from 'marlett'
to 'varied width',  for the seven sections,  and have confirmed that
the results is now plain text for all viewers.

I re-invite you to peruse URL:  http://www.ols.net~dl4/
(Note: a lower-case "L" before the "4").

I may have changed your perspective !

'JW' - BoaF

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