European/Asian Saturnia spp.

James J. Kruse kruse at
Wed Nov 5 18:21:00 EST 1997


One of my lab mates, Dan Rubinoff, is working with the genus Saturnia
(Saturniidae).  He now has all of the N.Am species, and would like to
throw in the European and Asian species. He only needs 2-6 individuals of
each species (we know of 3 species in Europe and Asia, are there more?).
He needs live specimens, so cocoons would probably be easiest and cheapest
to mail. He has Saturnia mendocino livestock for exchange, if that is what
is required to obtain what he needs.

He really just needs European and Asian Saturnia.  Not interested in
trading for other things.

He is doing a molecular phylogenetic analysis of the genus.

Please write to one of us directly.

Jim Kruse
University of California at Berkeley
Dept. of Environ Sci, Policy and Mgmt.
Div. of Insect Biology
Sperling Lab
201 Wellman Hall
Berkeley, California, 94720-3113
(510) 642-5114/7410

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