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Mike Soukup mikayak at
Wed Sep 17 15:00:44 EDT 1997

I just figured I'd put in my 2 cents worth.  I live 20 miles South of
Baltimore and 25 North of Wash DC - and I can tell you we have PLENTY of
Lunas in this area.  I get 10-15 at my 2 MV lights on my house per night
at certain times of the year.  And, I have never failed to get a mating
the first night when tying out a female - even when the temps were VERY
cool - like last Saturday night.  And, I often go to Central West
Virginia.  In August, 2-3 lunas can be found on every light in the
neighborhood in some area.  Every lit coke machine has Lunas hanging
from them.  

Now Liz mentioned that every child should be able to see one.  Well,
Liz, I kinda disagree.  Actually, it was "quest for the Luna Moth" that
fueled my moth hunting.  I was fortunate enough to have a copy oh
Holland when I was 12, and I would sit and drool over the specimens
pictured (I STILL DO!! :)).  But, since I was limited to "bike range"
(which can be fairly considerable in an obsessed 14 year old!), and
lived in an increasingly populated area, I never seemed to find "the
good stuff".   I will ALWAYS remember the vacation in Virginia when I
caught my first one as I will always remember my first polyphemus nad
Giant Leopard.  After that, it gets hazy....  Not that I think it is
GOOD that the luna has become scarce in some areas, it just never
stopped me from looking!!!

Mike Soukup
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