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Chris Conlan conlan at adnc.com
Fri Sep 19 02:12:17 EDT 1997

The following is a note that was posted on entomo-l several days ago.
Since I did not see it show up on this list I am posting it now as I feel
it's quite relevant to this list as well.  What follows is the original
post plus one response.  And remember, I'm just the messenger here!  At
least for now anyway.

Chris Conlan

> Folks,
>         This message is to report to the community certain recent
> that happened in the brazilian Amazon. Two said entomologist came to
> brazil to collect specimens without any permits, and were trying to
> smugle butterflies and beetles out of the coutry. Federal policy in a
> routine check found the goodies.
>         Mr. Mark Soula, self entitled associatd researcher at the MNHN,
> evaded the federal police so far, but is been looked for by interpol;
>         Mr. Robert Joseph Van de Merghel has been arrested with a
> suitcase full of specimens, and will serve one to three years in jail
> expelled form Brazil afterwards, loosing the priviledge to return.
> The brazilian government has taken a zero tolerance for ilegal traffic
> biological specimens and or tissues, so if any of you want to come to
> to collect, make sure to get the proper documentation, a local sponsor
> and please do not transport specimens without the proper transportation
> forms.
> Best Regards,
> Paulo petry
> petryp at cr-am.rnp.br

And here is the only reply that showed up:

> It is mean that everybody can be arrested...... cigarettes, cotton
small insects, mosquito, fly stacked accidently in your luggage could
take you
to jail?

> >>... ilegal traffic of biological specimens and or tissues,... can
take you
to jail<<<

No, it only means that we will throw the croocks in jail! Any one with a
suitcase full os specimens does not characterize " incidental
contaminatio" . Serious people that comply with the regulations will
always be welcome.

Best Regards,

Paulo petry
Co-chair of the biological Collections Program
National Institute fo Amazon Research
Manaus AM Brazil
petryp at cr-am.rnp.br

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