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Ernst.Neering at STAFF.TPE.WAU.NL says...
> In dutch we use the word 'vlinder'. Old dutch publications refer to
> 'kapellen' (for instance Cramer, Sepp, Maria Sybilla Merian), which is still
> used sometimes in poems etc. For Heterocera we use the word 'mot' which is
> clearly of the same origin as the english 'moth'. Should we now conclude that
> 'moth' is derived from 'mother'????

Ernst, in Afrikaans we also use both `vlinder' and `mot' as above, but
butterflies are more usually called `skoenlappers'. I always thought
`skoenlapper' was also an original Dutch word, so I was suprised that you
did not mention it. Is the word, or something similar, known in Dutch ?

Vriendelike groete

john - irish @ nasmus . co . za
Dept. Entomologie, Nasionale Museum, Bloemfontein

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