Widespread New England immigrant.

Joe Kunkel joe at bio.umass.edu
Sun Apr 26 06:46:36 EDT 1998

Thanks for clueing me into a phenomenon that has happened in New England
in my 30 year hiatus from looking at leps-at-large.  I had my nose in
physiology and development journals.
On doing a Alta Vista search, _Coenonympha tullia_ is mentioned with its
common names for the Western European continent:
Large Heath (UK), Großes Wiesenvögelchen (D), Veenhooibeestje (NL). 
Does it ring the world and yet has just gotten into New England in the
past 30 years?  Amazing!  Is there any chance the East Coast US form is
actually from Europe?
Another question for you evolution/ecology types: Is this movement
through New England too late to be related to the 'suture zone' passing
through NY and NE that was created by human decimation of the oak/maple

Joseph G. Kunkel, Professor
Biology Department
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
joe at bio.umass.edu

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