All these "sales" lately

Dr. James Adams jadams at
Wed Apr 29 08:50:56 EDT 1998

To add to Doug's comments:

        I agree wholeheartedly with everything Doug Yanega said.  
No, we may not all agree with the letter or spirit of the law, but 
if we ever want to have a chance to change said laws, then there must 
be at least some attempt made to indicate we are trying to work 
within them!!  I noticed on one list recently posted that Parnassius 
apollo was offered for $10.00 a piece.  I'm wondering if the person 
who listed this species realizes that this is a CITES species?  I've 
seen this species in the wild, and in talking with people from around 
the world, it is not at all uncommon in the many, many places it can 
be found.  Do I agree that this species should be listed?  No.  The 
listing seems to be more of a political than scientific maneuver; 
perhaps, since the species *is* so popular, the listing is meant to 
protect the species from overcollecting (maybe not really a bad idea, 
in theory).  However, the fact is that the species *is* listed, and 
any attempt to sell this species, with no indication that the species 
was collected legally, is just totally irresponsible.  I, like Ernst, 
simply delete messages that involve the sale of insects.  If everyone 
else would do so, maybe these people would quit posting to this list.



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