Unusual caterpillar ... please help!

Cindy Medd cmedd at techplus.com
Sat Aug 8 00:38:20 EDT 1998

I hope someone can help me identify a very unique looking caterpillar
that I pulled off my apple tree today.  It resembles the tobaco hornworm
in color and size ... green with white markings and about four inches in
lenght and about as thick as a males index finger ... but differs in
that it has spine like protrusions along the sides and back of it's
body.  These spines are quite colorful ... the ones along the side of
the body are blue, the first set of four on it's head are orange with
tiny black dots, and the remaining along it's topside are yellow.  It is
quite a hungry thing stripping and eating leaves day and night.  I have
since relocated him to a large tin can and have supplied him with apple
leaves so that he may eat as required, until I am able to identify him.
It's droppings are quite large as well ... I quess that goes without

I live in southwestern Manitoba, Canada, and the entomology dept. at our
university may not be open for some time.  If someone is able to help it
would be much appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

Ken Stelmack
email -- cmedd at techplus.com

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