Wandering Caterpillars

James F Hanlon jfhanlon at ibm.net
Sat Aug 8 04:30:53 EDT 1998

A friend of mine was trekking through a jungle trail in Rondonia, Brazil, a
trail that I had traveled on many times in the past. He told me that he came
across a large group (20-30+) of caterpillars that were crossing the trail
single file, apparently looking for their foodplant. When he stopped and
looked down to observe the caterpillars, the leader of the pack, raised
itself up in a practically straight-up position, and that each caterpillar
raised itself upwards in straight succession thereafter.

Interesting that caterpillars would travel in a group, and in a line with
one leader in front. I would have guessed that caterpillars who run out of
foodplant would climb down and disperse in all directions, but apparently
not in this instance.

Jim Hanlon

Just waiting to get away from my desk, and back into the jungle! I am hoping
for and anticipating a wet season this December in the Amazon. Basically a
projected reversal of last year's very dry weather, which appears to be a
result of El Nino.

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