extirpation of butterflies by weeds

Kondla, Norbert FOR:EX Norbert.Kondla at gems3.gov.bc.ca
Wed Aug 26 18:34:38 EDT 1998

recent article in Newsweek mentions that purple loosestrife has "overrun
wetlands in 42 states...and pushed several species of rare...butterflies to
the brink". can anyone provide citations for literature (formally published
or otherwise) on this topic and more generally on any weeds crowding out
butterfly food plants etc. if no literature comes to mind i would also be
interested in anecdotal reports. i am presently doing a survey of
butterflies in a very restricted ecosystem in southern bc but it is
disgustingly overrun by weeds and fear that continuation of this trend will
not bode well for certain butterfly species. information from other areas
will be helpful in crafting some management recommendations. thank you
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