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SK Khew khewsk at
Sat Aug 29 01:38:28 EDT 1998

>What a bummer.  I understand that there are probably a number of 
>that are threatened and should be left alone, but I can't understand 
why a
>place so close to the equator would simply ban all collecting all 
>Surely there must be many common species bordering on pest status that 
>hillbilly collector like myself would drool to have a specimen of.  Why 
>the world so pitifully bassackwards?  A little preservation goes a long 
>- we really don't have to prohibit collecting if we leave a sufficient
>amount of undisturbed habitat.
>Oops, I did it again...
>Mark Walker
>Irvine, CA

Hi Mark,

I suppose I agree with you in a way, but if you realise how small 
Singapore is, and how much nature reserves there are left on our little 
island, then you have a picture of why the government is taking such a 
hard stand on the issue of collecting.  
Singapore island is only 42 km from east to west and 23 km from north to 
south, making a total area of about 648 sq km.  Heck, a typical marathon 
run will take you right across our little island, and you could end up 
in the sea by then!  :-)
Conservation IS a serious matter for such a small island.  (Butterflies of 
Singapore website)

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