Large moths in small spaces.

Leo Karl leokarl at
Sun Jul 5 21:35:43 EDT 1998

I am curious about how large moths apparently manage to get through
small spaces.

I live in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado where each summer we
are visited by a multitude of moths locally known as "Millers".  Don't
know whether they migrate in, or they are born here, and that would be
another interesting question.

Of great interest to me -- and of great unhappiness to many others -- is
this moth's apparent ability to either fly through building materials
such as wood, and glass, or Houdini like, to squeeze themselves through
spaces considerably smaller than themselves.

I have done a lot of experimentation in my home by carefully closing off
all 'known' entry sources, yet this creature, much larger that many
other smaller insects who can't find a way in, manage to come in almost
at will.

Is there any reason to think that they have particular abilities to
enter places where other insects are prohibited?

I would appreciate any thoughts.


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