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Mon Jun 22 08:36:24 EDT 1998

On 22 Jun 1998 03:56:55 -0700, ceri.j at (Ceri Jones) wrote:

>I am trying to identify a caterpillar that I have on my budlia plants.
>it is approx. 1.5 inches long pale pastel green with black and yellow dots
>on it it has some hairs but not many. looking at it from the top
>the colour of the dots is black yellow then black again I hope someone can
>help, I must get some more books by the looks of it.

Hi Ceri,

Identification of larvae over the net (without a picture) is very
difficult. If you are after a good caterpillar book you might think
about Jim Porter's new book "Caterpillars of the British Isles" -
available through NHBS etc. It is about £35 (I think) but it is about
the most definitive book on the subject.

Hope that helps
Chris R.

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