Nymphalis urticae

Robert Thorn Thorn at cc.denison.edu
Mon Mar 30 16:29:42 EST 1998

Bob Barber's query about Nymphalis urticae's appearance in NJ offers me
an opportunity to ask a question about Nymphalis biology.  Several
references mention that N. milberti frequents flowers, whereas virtually
all of the other Nymphalis that I can find info on -- Mourning Cloak,
and Compton's & Small tortoiseshells -- mention them as being wholly
sap-feeding.  My limited personal experience suggests the same, but I've
only seen antiopa regularly and milberti occasionally.  There are also
several field guide photos of milberti on flowers, but none of the other
Nymphalis.  Even Opler's field guide remarks on this trend.  Do other
observers note this same food preference dichotomy?

Rob Thorn,  thorn at denison.edu

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