Nymphalis urticae

Mark Walker mwalker at aisvt.bfg.com
Tue Mar 31 09:41:00 EST 1998

Rob Thorn wrote:

(in reference to Nymphalis milberti and other stories)

>  Do other
>observers note this same food preference dichotomy?

Every N. milberti that I've ever seen (there's a lot of them here in
Vermont) has visited flowers.  Even the one at 10,000 feet that I saw in the
Rockies was at a flower.

N. antiopa prefers to lick the salt off of my arms and sweaty clothes (sorry
for the word picture).  Both Nymphalis vau-album and Nymphalis californica
have been seen primarily on trees, rocks, or dry dirt.  I don't believe I've
ever seen either one nectar at flowers.

Hope this helps,

Mark Walker
Castleton, VT.

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