Tineoid genera - Praeacedes

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Paul Sammut asks about Amsel's deluccae:

Praeacedes deluccae was described by Amsel in 1954 in Bull. Soc. ent. Fouad
(38: 55) as a new genus and species. Praeacedes still stands but deluccae,
as Paul says, is a synonym of atomosella Walker, 1863.

Praeacedes atomosella is currently placed in Tineidae: Tineinae (Robinson,
G.S. & Nielsen, E.S., 1993, Tineid Genera of Australia (Lepidoptera).
Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera, 2. xvi + 344 pp., Melbourne).

Antitinea, erected a year later, is (as far as I am aware) also still valid
together with its type-species, deluccae Amsel, 1955. Its subfamily
placement within the Tineidae is questionable and in my database of the
family it is marked as "unattributed to subfamily". I have never seen the
type-specimen (which should be in Karlsruhe); the crude figure of the
genitalia in the original description doesn't ring any bells at all, and I
would be interested in hearing any opinions as to its placement. I doubt
that it is a member of the Tineidae. Reinhard Gaedike or Gunther Petersen
in Eberswalde might be able to help further.

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