Artificial diets

Ted Ryznar tryznar at
Mon Nov 16 21:38:00 EST 1998

I have the following available:

 1kg   Agar
 1kg   Casein
 1kg   Wheatgerm
 1kg   Brewers Yeast
 5kg   Cellulose Pwd
 1kg   Wesson Salts
 .1 kg  Inositol
 .1kg   cholesterol
 .5 kg Sorbic Acid
 .1 kg  Choline Chloride
 .1 kg  Methylparaben
 .5kg   Linseed oil
 .5 kg  Ascorbid Acid
 1kg   Lepidoptera Vitamin mix
 1000  1 oz. creamer , clear plastic for rearing
 1000   1 oz Snap cap for above creamer
 Approx 400 Cup holder trays for above (will have to count exact amout)

These have all been purchased from bio-Serv and stored tightly at
controlled room temp.  I have used about 10% of the above material. I paid
about $425.00 not including shipping. 

I would like to sell the above to anyone interested in purchasing the above
material for artificial diets. I dont have an exact asking price but would
like to get between 250.00 and 300 but will consider reasonable offers. I
really dont want to sell the ingredients individually but as one lot. If 
interested please email me. thanks for your time.

tryznar at

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