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Tue Nov 24 12:49:47 EST 1998

ian john waller wrote:

> I think I am active in the lepidoptera scene in the northeast, but I
> have only been a sparodic poster to the leps-list because I have felt
> slightly uneasy about posting some news items (As the leps-list is
> global I am not to keen on *wasting* bandwidth) and have withheld from
> posting. These could be classed as
> extremley relevant to the northeast
> relevent to the u.k. scene
> totally irrelevant worldwide.


EVERYTHING happens at the local scale, so the wider implication is totally
dependent on one's viewpoint.
If somebody from some small town in Western Australia, southern Chile, northern
Sweden, remotest Yukon feels their observation is worth shouting about on the
world scene and they have access to Leps-l or s.b.e.l., they say so. Your
examples of potential range expansions are just as valid and I'm sure that
people who have an interest in (for example) correlating changes in butterfly
distribution patterns with global weather and climate patterns would be just as
keen to hear of such matters from Co. Durham as anywhere else in the world.

What's wrong with sharing the U.K.'s latest butterfly gossip elsewhere?
(besides, I'm one of those who'd miss out on my "home" country's news should
such a group start - a bit like having the BBC World Service stopping


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