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> In a previous article, mm_de at (Miguel de Salas) says:
> >Here the Painted Lady is the English name of Cynthia kershawi. In Europe
> >Cynthia cardui. In America C. virginiensis (sp.?)
> Sorry, Miguel.  Not quite.
> Robert Michael Pyle, in the National Audubon Society's Field Guide to 
> North American Butterflies (1995 edition, published in New York by Knopf 
> and distrbuted by Random House), shows the name "Painted Lady" associated 
> with Vanessa cardui (see p 625 and illustration 650).  The same book 
> lists the *American* Painted Lady with the scientific name Vanessa 
> virginiensis.  Cynthia, I believe, is considered a junior synonym to 
> Vanessa, although I could be quite wrong on that.

My point being that 3 different species are referred to by 3 different
vernacular names in Europe, America and Australia.
To date I have always seen postings about Vanessa (Cynthia) virginiensis
referred to as 'Painted Lady', NOT as *American* Painted Lady. The matter
of whether the correct genus is Vanessa, Cynthia or both, is

As a further example, the butterfly known as 'Monarch' in America is known
as the 'Wanderer' here in Australia.

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